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Disclaimer: These are my personal notes and opinions based on my experience using DMR, as well as by learning from what others are sharing. If anything needs correcting, please let me know. I've been updating the rest of the article regularly as I learn more. After weeks of intense learning and effort, I felt like I was just beginning to get a handle on D-STAR, having put together a nicely working solution for my shack as well as for mobile.

So why did I decide to adventure off in a new direction already? I guess I must be a bit crazy, but a learning opportunity presented itself, so I decided to dive right back into another bowl of baffling info-soup and learn how to swim all over again, this time in the DMR soup bowl. A commercial digital voice system that amateur radio enthusiasts are adapting for use by hams.

More at Wikipedia. DMR is a digital radio standard originally designed for commercial use and developed by the European Telecommunications Standards Institute ETSI beginning inwhich hams now are adapting for amateur radio use. And it's true, initially I did find it quite challenging to get up and running with DMR.

I had the additional challenge of needing to figure out how to get started via a personal, low-power hotspot, while most information available online was from the point of view of having access to a repeater. Finally and thankfully, some Elmers with hotspot experience helped me put it all together and get on the air.

He's a great guy; thanks for your help, Mike! I found it amusing that once I finally did get things working and then spent an evening listening to hams ragchewing on various talkgroups I'll discuss those more later, but they're sort of like conference calls or chat roomsa lot of the chatter was hams discussing questions about DMR like, "Why does it work that way?

Whenever I found myself growling "Why isn't this working?! In an organization like that where there are many different departments using the radios security, housekeeping, maintenance, catering, etc. DMR makes it relatively easy for the IT team to organize communications so that the members of each team can talk amongst themselves, as well as to control whether or not they have permission to talk with or monitor other teams, all within the closed ecosystem of their organization.

Of course, that's a very different scenario than a lone ham who wants to set up a radio for his or her own use in order to connect to open repeaters put up by amateur radio clubs that allow them to be used to connect to other hams or groups of hams locally, regionally, statewide, nationwide, or worldwide.

Adapting a complex system designed for the needs of a big organization within a closed ecosystem so that it can be used by hams in a more open worldwide ecosystem is a bit like trying to fit a simple square peg into a more complex hole in the shape of a pointed star polygon.

When there are so many puzzle pieces that need to be fitted together to set up a DMR radio successfully, it's challenging to figure out where to begin. It's a bit of a "Which comes first, the chicken or the egg? If, like me, you're more fluent in English than Alphabetsoupese a word I use to describe the crazy alphabet soup of acronyms that one encounters in the digital voice radio worldwhat this means is that calls on two different channels can share the same frequency simultaneously.

Each call is sliced up into chunks of a few milliseconds, and the slices from the two calls are interleaved on the signal. This happens so fast that we hear what we perceive of as a continuous transmission even though it's coming in chunks, looking like this:.

This also means that when you program a DMR channel, you must specify both the frequency and the time slot, so that your radio and the repeater can encode and decode which chunks on the signal belong to the channel you're using. The convention is that TS2 is used for local talkgroups and TS1 is used for non-local or wide-area talkgroups for example, statewide, regional, nationwide, and worldwide.

I know, I know, here I am talking about talkgroups again before I've explained what they are, but I had to start somewhere! Another fundamental piece of the puzzle is color codes CC.

When you want to use a DMR repeater, you need to program in the appropriate color code to open it up. There are 16 color codes, 0 — That's right, the color codes don't even have color names … strange, right? Just as with analog radio CTCSS tones, you need to get the appropriate color codes from the organization operating the repeater in order to be able to use the repeater. When you program a DMR channel, in addition to the frequency and the time slot, you must specify the color code; otherwise, you won't be able to access the repeater.

For example: Frequency: Frequency: Of course, the whole point of getting onto a DMR repeater is to talk to other hams, and you do that by visiting a talkgroup, which enables one-to-many communication, sort of like a conference call or a chat room. The effect of using a talkgroup is similar to linking to a D-STAR reflector; anything transmitted to a talkgroup is transmitted to everyone listening to linked to that talkgroup.

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There are worldwide, nationwide, regional, statewide, area, and local talkgroups, as well as language-based talkgroups. For example, on BrandMeister:. In addition, there are the TAC channels, — What follow is some nets I've come across and enjoyed, but there's no guarantee that they're still active please let me know if they aren't.

For hotspot-based setup: These all use the same TX and RX simplex frequency whatever your hotspot is set up to usecolor code 1, and time slot 2. Repeater-based time slots are shown in parentheses. Links are to the BrandMeister Hoseline service, so you can get an idea of the activity on the talkgroup. The display names are just what I use.

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The BrandMeister U. Links are to the BrandMeister Hoseline service, so you can get an idea of the activity on the talkgroups. On repeaters, these talkgroups typically are on time slot 1. On repeaters, the home state talkgroup is typically on time slot 2. See the X Reflector Directory for more constellation nets. See also: DMRGateway notes. Sweet, this is progress! To summarize:.

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In early Maythe Kings of Digital announced a Notify service "to enable users to notify each other of either planned or ad hoc discussions on the Constellation. This is a somewhat complicated topic and the behaviors tend to be changed over time. For full details, see the standalone article.Forums New posts Search forums.

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Brandmeister Hoseline Down. Thread starter w2xq Start date Sep 24, Tags brandmeister hoseline. Status Not open for further replies. The new webpage is devoid of information with only two dropdown menus displaying choices.

The sub-pages, where one could listen to a talkgroup, e. Too bad, as it was less than a week ago that Hoseline audio resurfaced. Stay tuned K5MPH Member.

hoseline 91

Just tried it now and still The usual Hoseline pages have returned, but the data and audio linkages are missing as I write this. Stay tuned for developments. RodStrong Member.

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Joined Nov 11, Messages 1, Location West. Hoseline had been down for weeks at least for me until a couple days ago. Still not completely stable, but hopefully it will come around.

Hoseline seems to be back up with audio, but the DMR ID isn't being translared to the amateur radio call. No signs of life and news so far as I can find. The website is returning a " Service Unavailable" that translates to "failed to connect to endpoint" I assume that is the servers.

hoseline 91

As a past webbie for WWCR and other websites going back toI really dislike not telling the whole story. Don't get me started about ancient pages with broken links et al. To let a connection go off into space isn't good form. A one-liner couldn't take more than 5 minutes if one has turn on the computer.

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hoseline 91

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Joseline Kelly gets pussy stretched by black rod.The acronym stands for Digital Mobile Radio. The few hundred I have made contact with in the last 3 months include both new and experienced Hams from all walks of life. They did say that they like the clarity of the transmissions and the ease of making contacts as compared to typical HF operations. All licensed amateur radio operators can legally use the DMR mode so you have the opportunity to speak to a wider sample of Hams than you do during typical HF operations.

Since I was looking for a mobile and portable application that would allow me to talk to the same community of amateur radio operators that I meet on the HF bands, particularly 80;40 and 20 meters, I continued my research.

hoseline 91

I was also attracted to the idea of a being able to contact a wider pool of Hams in the U. With aboutlicensed radio amateurs in the U. I learned that there are two websites that provided and answer to my question by allowing one to listen to typical DMR QSOs conversations and see who is participating in the conversation.

Talk Groups are currently organized according to the geography that the group covers. By watching the top of the continually scrolling page you can see the call sign of currently transmitting Hams and the talk groups they are using. You can then enter these talk groups on the Hoseline website to hear what they are saying.

If you like what you see and hear on these two web sites, then you may find that DMR is a mode for you. Overlook Amateur Radio Club. Howdy, Stranger! It looks like you're new here. If you want to get involved, click one of these buttons! Sign In Register. Categories Recent Discussions Activity. DMR: Is it for you? Heard about DMR? Wondered what it was all about?

DMR Netwatch. Sign In or Register to comment. Forum Software Powered by Vanilla.Please enable JavaScript on your browser to best view this site. Below is a prototype table of BrandMeister talk groups. Click the link to activate the talkgroup on the Hoseline site. USA — Area 0 USA — Area 1 USA — Area 2 USA — Area 3 USA — Area 4 USA — Area 5 USA — Area 6 USA — Area 7 USA — Area 8 USA — Area 9 Australia, New Zealand Belgium North Belgium South Belgium East Belgium On Demand 4 Belgium On Demand 5 Belgium On Demand 6 Belgium On Demand 7 Belgium On Demand 8 Belgium On Demand 9 Canada English Canada French DMR was designed with three tiers.

The primary goal of the standard is to specify a digital system with low complexity, low cost and interoperability across brands, so radio communications purchasers are not locked into a proprietary solution. In practice, many brands have not adhered to this open standard and have introduced proprietary features that make their product offerings non-interoperable.

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Brandmeister Log-in Site. Brandmeister Hoseline. Brandmeister Nets Site. DMR Track: S ite. BlueDV iOS can run in background! When the phone is in locked state or the screen is off, the connection will sometimes be timed out after 10 minutes.

It is not needed to pair the iBlueStack in iOS. BlueDV will pair it for you. The App will be free again. Hope you have fun with it! See my progress updates.

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Search this site. APRS Calculator.

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ARK Skywarn. Club Officers. D-PRS Calculator. D-Star Net. DV Dongle. Electro Magnetic Pulse. Ham Nation Twit.

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